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Welcome. You are invited to spend some time in our library and read some of the works of our featured author, Richard Reilly.

You can start with a variety of short stories, or go straight to the novels, where you will find a synopsis and excerpt from every chapter -- of every novel -- (a pretty good bargain) for free.

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Featuring the epic historical novel:

THE BIRTH OF ROME - the true story of the rise of the Roman Republic


SHORT STORIES to read on-line, or download for free

The Testament of Anointed One

A prophet is born to the Lakota Sioux. He dictates his story before he leaves, a story not dissimilar to another prophet born in Bethlehem two thousand years before...

Moon Maintenance

Earth's energy problem is solved! Sunlight is harvested on the Moon. Accompany an Astrotech for a few days as he makes his rounds on the lunar surface, replacing solar panels destroyed by meteors.

Our Messenger

A parable about building a religion around the messenger, while overlooking the message he brought.

The Cost of a Couch

They say: "there's no such thing as a free lunch." Have you ever been given something for free - but find there is always a price to pay, after all?

Misha Stories

Misha is a cute shepherd-mix who was born in an animal shelter. She had never seen a leaf, felt the rain, or known a kind touch - but all that was about to change. If you are a dog lover, this series of very short stories is for you.


     The Hordes at the End of Time

Run with the Horde over a landscape that once looked very familiar... but no one calls it home anymore.

     The Ultimate Final Solution

The war is over for this Polish flier... but not for long.

     Lady Death

Lady Luck was a flirt. But Lady Death plays for keeps.

     The Balloon

Summertime in the suburbs. Kids spend all day protecting a mysterious silver globe...

     The Wolf at the Door

He just bought a very special house. A house that does not want to let him go...

     I FOUND the Joke

The search for the document of prosperity begins... with a Bee Gees song!

     The Weltanschauung Lens

12 lenses were discovered, and the world would never be seen the same way again.



     I Can Take Him

What boys learn about growing up and toughening it out.

     Doors and Portals in a Circle

Life is constant change, and offers a series of choices.

     Shift Happens

Sometimes life gives you a kick in the teeth... and an opportunity.

     In Between

People are embarrassed when they find you are "in between" jobs.

     Magic in a Green Field

It's just a pumpkin patch, right? Or is it?




Just click on the novel title to get to a page where every chapter is ready for your review, complete with a synopsis of the chapter, and a juicy morsel taken direct from the chapter itself.

The Birth of Rome

From mud huts to a city of stone, the true story of the rise of the Roman Republic.

The Birth of Rome is an epic tale of the real men and women who built the greatest city in the world - and declared themselves free!

Never before had a people deposed their monarch and claimed the right to govern themselves. Not until Roma declared itself free and independent could such a thing as a “republic” be born, and by so doing they redefined the meaning of civilization for all.

An achievement that inspired similar revolutions in America and France 2300 years later.
All brought to life with the human drama in full color and passion.

[Chapter listing with synoposis and exceprts from the novel.
$20 to purchase the complete E-Book, 457 pages, w/ maps, graphics, genealogy, TOC.]

Acting Naturally

Richard's own experiences on the stage and a look at the Santa Cruz theater scene from 1994 to 2004.

An amusing and insightful true tale of finding one's passion through acting, this is a perfect primer for anyone thinking about joining the theater. Written in the first-person journaling tradition of the infamous Constantin Stanislovski's "An Actor Prepares."

[Chapter listing with synoposis and exceprts from the novel.
$10 to purchase the complete E-Book, 224 pages, TOC.]

Israeli Interlude

An American student decides to live and work on a kibbutz in Israel two years after the 1973 War.

What is it like to live in the Holy Land? And what is it like to live collectively, where children bunk in their own dormitories, away from their parents, and volunteers from around the world exchange labor for their keep? But this is Israel, surrounded by hostile Arab states, where communities are protected by barbed wire fences and citizens carrying machine guns patrol the perimeter. When you often wake up to the sound of a distant explosion, you know you are 'not in Kansas anymore.'

[Chapter listing with synoposis and exceprts from the novel.
$2 to purchase the complete E-Book.]

Exploring the Essence of Life

Western science and eastern spiritual philosophy seem to point to the same place, where energy enters time and space to become matter, directed by a mindful conciousness that might be drawn from a great common pool of life-force.

What is life? What happens when we die? What is time and how is it related to space? Are we more than our bodies, more than our minds? Quantum physics and the teachings of the Great Masters are explored in detail in this treasure hunt that seeks to answer the greatest questions of all time.

[Chapter listing with synoposis and exceprts from the novel.
$5 to purchase the complete E-Book.]