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From mud huts to a city of stone, the true story of the rise of the Roman Republic.

The Birth of Rome is an epic tale of the real men and women who built the greatest city in history - and declared themselves free!


This is the living, breathing story of Rome, and the people who fused together a collection of tribal villages into the most powerful city in Western history. We all know about the decline of Rome, but the origins of this ancient superpower have been shrouded in mystery - until now.

The epic adventure follows the fortunes of two families: one Latin, the other Etruscan. In the course of 120 years they found a dynasty that struggles to remain free and independent. When tyranny strikes from within, it falls upon the first Brutus to overthrow the oppressor, and establish a republic of free men.

Through three generations we follow Rome's birth and rise to glory, including lavish descriptions of chariot races and gladiator fights, sea battles and armored hoplites in phalanx formation, Sibylline Prophecies and a visit to the Oracle of Delphi.

The human drama unfolds as well: the love triangle between the first king, his soothsayer queen, and the general of the first legion. We see poison, murder, secret societies and acts of noble sacrifice. The world stage is also brought to life, with Carthage fighting off Greek intruders, and the Etruscan League's slow descent into obscurity. And it is all true.

The reader relives famous vignettes such as Horatius Defending the Bridge, and Three Champions Against Three, but underlying all is a story of a people determined to find and keep their own identity, a story rekindled two thousand years later by the American Revolution, and remains just as relevant today.

History textbooks devote a few pages to Rome's origins, but never before has the tale been brought to vivid life in a novel. It just may be the greatest story never told.

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$29.95 plus S&H to purchase a printed version, 457 pages, w/ maps, graphics, TOC, in a very legible format: 11 pt font, 1.5 line spacing, double-sided, plastic covers, 8.5 x 11, 2.5 lbs weight.

Table of Contents

Please feel free to browse through the chapters and read the chapter synopsis and an excerpt from the chapter itself.


Prologue - Brutus Remembers

Chapter 1: A Life for a Life

Chapter 2: Life Among the Etruscans

Chapter 3: The Festival of Voltumna

Chapter 4: A Proposal from the Etruscan League

Chapter 5: Building the Great Sewers

Chapter 6: Birth of a City

Chapter 7: Citizen Soldiers

Chapter 8: The Bridge of Pilings

Chapter 9: Sabine Attack

Chapter 10: Sibylline Prophecies

Chapter 11: Three Against Three

Chapter 12: The Circus

Chapter 13: A Temple for Jupiter

Chapter 14: The Glowing Child

Chapter 15: Taking the Battle to Veii

Chapter 16: Men Who Count

Chapter 17: Servian Walls

Chapter 18: The Dark Clouds Gather

Chapter 19: Thunder and Lightning

Chapter 20: Battles On Sea and Land

Chapter 21: Payback

Chapter 22: Birth of Brutus

Chapter 23: Murder in the Grove of Ferentina

Chapter 24: The Oracle of Delphi Knows Him

Chapter 25: The Breaking Point

Chapter 26: Republic At Any Cost

Chapter 27: Epilogue - Remember Brutus