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The Official Website of Richard Reilly

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I'm ready for a change.  How 'bout you?

It is commonplace on websites to have an "About Us" section, but if you have spent any time on this site you have already grasped that it's all about me, me, me. But I am not egotistical, and that is not a boast.

It IS about me - or rather, my work. It's a lonely job. I am simply a scribe working in solitude, one of those cavemen alone at night sketching the outline of a bison on my cave wall with red pigment. It's all about the scribbles and sketches.

My greatest accomplishment to date is to remain completely under the radar. I Google my name and find plenty of Richard Reillys, but none of them are me. Way to go, me! However, if I DO ever need to promote myself vigorously, there's a certain Richard Reilly out there who has plenty of impressive qualities, and if the Nobel or Pulitzer people ever come sniffing at my door I will change my middle name and pretend to be him. Google him, I'll say, and then come back here with the prize.

In this hyper-sensitive age of blogging and Facebook and Twitter and instant celebrity (how else to account for a Snooki, or any of the Kardashian clan?), it is quite an accomplishment to remain anonymous - which is why I bother to mention it. So much interest out there, so little notice right here. We have become a nation of voracious vultures and voyeurs, starved for attention, gorging on trivia and bile, eager to vomit our views anywhere it will stick - and yet, I remain invisible. I am neither a feaster, nor the feast (and I'm okay with that). Being a non-entity is my claim to fame! Or whatever is the opposite of fame. (The often quoted but little known 'Anonymous' perhaps?)

Of course, all that is about to change, having built this website to promote my books and my web design business. So far, business cards haven't done much for me; neither has joining the local Chamber of Commerce. But everyone is on the web these days, even my parents! (Yes, I know, I too am shocked to get an email from a mother who doesn't know how to stop her VCR from flashing 12:00 am.)

Soon bloggers will be snacking on my stories and swine will be rutting through my pearls, and I will try to make sure everyone is well fed with bon mots and a frothy sparkling wine (which, served in quantity, has the magical ability to transform my stories into pearls and later, back again). Hints will be passed along to the Nobel and Pulitzer people suggesting a new breath of creative freedom is in the air - and I will try to be subtle when I whisper such rumors.

Maybe one day, if I shake enough trees, Google will discover a Richard Reilly out there who carries my middle name and turns out to actually be me! And then the critics will arrive, and the feeding frenzy will begin, and I will long for the good old days I was a good young cipher, like Kate Middleton before she ever met Prince William.

But we can never stuff that genie back into its bottle, can we? Enjoy the stories.

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