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In their own words...

I can tell you the process through which your website will come to life, but I cannot tell you what I am like to work with.

For that, we will have to allow some of our clients to speak for themselves.


"Thank you, Richard, for creating for me such a wonderful web site. Recently I knew it was time to get this project completed so I could market my coaching on line. I give thanks that a friend told me you were the "go to man." He was so right on!

"You made this creative process enjoyable and your encouragement and guidance brought the project to a great result quickly. Thank you; thank you!

I will happily refer anyone to you who talks about web sites. Anyone reading this, please look for yourself to see what fine work Richard did for me!"

Coach Stan Hampson, Santa Rosa, CA


To: Richard Reilly, Webmaster
From: John-Paul Jones - President, The Phoenix Group
Date: July 15, 2008
Re: A Big Thank You for your services in creating & maintaining our Website.

Just a letter of appreciation for the creation of our Website !

Not only have my existing Clients expressed Very positive thoughts regarding our Site, but we have attracted a number of new Clients - several of which have indicated that they discovered our Site and when viewing & utilizing the information it contains, have commenced doing business with our Firm.

I have no hesitation to express my opinion on your fees, which I consider More than reasonable, for the set-up and for the multitude of changes we have requested and the problem-free environment we have experienced since using your services.

Please feel free to express my opinions to any & all.

Best regards, J-P Jones, Kinnelon, NJ


“ I loved working with Richard on my website. I knew nothing and he made it so easy. He asks all the right questions about what I wanted, gave me some hints, and when I didn’t know what I wanted, used his creativity to intuit and experiment – the results of which I was thrilled.

"If I wanted to change anything he would be fine with that and/or inform me of other options and their consequences. It was fun to experiment with our ideas!

"I love my website and feel it reflects my intent and myself. In fact, when I need to lift my spirits, I just go to my website and look at it...”

SLM, Santa Cruz, California


In 2005 I asked Richard to build a website for my home remodeling business. There is a lot of competition on Long Island and I needed to grow my business. I had run advertisements but they were expensive, and they didn't bring in enough business to justify their on-going cost. But the website is a one-time expense, and it has been working for me ever since.

After a year I asked Richard to add some photo pages, and he even created some amazing animations that show our projects as "work-in-progress." You see bare studs, then the sheetrock, then the cabinets installed, then the tile-work, then the appliances, and at the end you see the finished room - I don't know how he does it!

I highly recommend Richard. He is friendly and knows how to listen, he has lots of great ideas to offer, and he really knows his technical stuff. I don't know why I waited so long to get a website - all my customers tell me they found me on the internet. I now have email in my company's name, and my company makes a solid, professional impression before I even meet my customer for the first time.

J. B., Nassau County, NY


I have had the distinct priveledge of knowing Richard for many years as a friend and now as my web designer. Richard brings a rare form of creativity, skill and integrity to his work. His generous nature and deep appreciation for all the world has to offer shows in not only his work, but in everything he does. His work is a gift!

R. G., Hope For Animals, Fort Wayne, IN


(Usually a client has a vague idea of what he wants in a website. I turn his ideas into a fully-realized webpage... and with something solid to look at, we begin to edit the site, together...)

Really liked the new look, very impressed, here goes the history of my experience its pretty long you may want to condense it but here goes. It all started in 1957 when my father...

Really want to get away from the car thing, this site needs to be family friendly and more importantly, regular person friendly, not gearhead person friendly, want the site loaded with pics, standard non-screaming colors should dominate the site, my experience should be a large factor, my logo is a must it says alot about who we are.

hey looking great, will send more pics of staff etc

U. C., Parsippany, NJ