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The Advantages of On-Line/Virtual Training Modules

  • Always available, 24 x 7.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Security access levels can be easily set.
  • Modules can be translated into different languages for companies with a global presence.
  • No travel costs, no employees.
  • Uniform training ensured, and can be modified at will, instantly.


Samples of different approaches to virtual training and certification.

I was responsible for developing the website and on-line training modules for my department, Information Asset Management. I held this position for nearly five years as part of a team that administered the worldwide records management program for Seagate Technology LLC, the world's largest manufacturer of hard disc drives. I am a Certified Records Manager and a technical specialist.

I use some of the modules I created for that corporation as examples of what I can do for you.

I can build a virtual training module tailored for your specific needs. Take a look at some of the examples...

A Module to Teach a Student to Follow a Process
Turn on your speakers.
This training module is designed to teach the student each step in a procedure. In this case, the student learns how to evaluate their records and decide the best course of action to take in a variety of specific situations.

This module is an all-flash, animated lesson. Every task is demonstrated on screen for the student.

A Module to Teach and Certify a Certain Level of Knowledge
This is a module intended to train and certify Records Coordinators. A series of lessons provides all the knowledge the candidate needs to absorb. Quiz questions follow each lesson, and at the end of the course is a test to confirm the retention of knowledge acquired in the module.

The progress of the candidate through the module can be tracked, as well as their score on the non-binding quiz questions, and the score of the test at the end of the module. Wrong answers can be tied to suggested follow-up work, automatically supplied by the system.