The Website of Reilly Associates

Reilly Associates provides consultation in the following fields:

Information Management Systems, Records Retention Program

Click here to review why every business must have an information management program, and the specific systems and programs we put in place to give you complete control of your own data.

Web Design, Flash Animation

Click here: a website is your "window to the world" and makes your first impression. Make it a good one. This link also takes you to some examples of our flash animation work, such as the banner above that is twinkling at you right now.

Virtual Training Modules

Click here to review why "always-available" on-line training has virtually replaced costly and time-consuming live training. Superior reporting features include student progress through the lesson, quiz answers, suggested follow-up tips, and more.

Oak and Sage Publishing, featuring the work of author Richard Reilly

Click here to review free short stories available for download, as well as E-BOOKS for purchase at a nomimal fee. Includes a synoposis of each chapter, a sample of text from each chapter, blogs and photos. Featuring the creative writings of associate Richard Reilly.