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Some examples of Flash animation.
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Animation can be used for a variety of purposes. They can show a work in progress, or feature the different furniture lines represented by a sales group, or instruct a student through a task, or simply convey a mood to give your visitor a special experience.

Below you will find several different kinds of animation. We can use this technology to make our imaginations come alive. What good idea would you like to see brought to life?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.


      CD opening sequence: An Introduction to Information Management
Turn on your speakers. This sequence includes a soundtrack that is not to be missed.
This animation was part of a demonstration CD handed out to business associates at a conference. The CD was set to automatically play after being loaded into a PC. After introducing the information management program in general, it ended with a menu that allowed viewers to look at documents and web pages. This example ends with the menu at the end of the animated routine.

      A sampling of office furniture offered by a manufacturer

      Construction site: work in progress

      A beautiful mood piece about women turning 50
I built this site for my wife and her friends. Their thoughtful and thought-provoking words deserved a special vehicle. The photos used on these pages are breath-taking. The animated sequence is under the selection: Fire.

      A Brief History of Information Management
An eight minute trip through time, illustrating how humans have always desired to record their passing, and learned how to do this better through the ages. Features both narration and scrolling-text, and a musical score.

      A portion of an on-line training module
This animation shows the student how to perform a certain task. Many such animation sequences are used in one on-line training module, along with traditional text-based teaching tools. A demonstration is truly worth a thousand words.

      Process Mapping Demonstration
An instructional mock-up page to demonstrate the symbols used in Process Mapping flow charts.

      A fancy animated header test