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  I am an ICRM Certified Records Manager (CRM).

I administered a worldwide Records Management Program for a major corporation.

  • The corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of disc drives.

  • I was consulted in the development of the original corporate Records Management Program.

  • I have more than ten years of experience with the Records Management Program, with four years in administration, through Summer, 2005.

  • My resume includes the database administrator of the Records Management Database and webmaster of the Information Asset Management Website.

  • My resume is available upon request - just send me an email.

I developed training programs for a variety of systems and processes.

  • On-line modules made training available upon need, any time, from any where in the world.

  • Training materials were translated into Thai and Mandarin Chinese from the original English.

  • My team and I conducted live training for sites in Europe, the United States and the Asia/Pacific region.

    These visits also provided an opportunity to audit local program compliance, discuss special concerns, and inspire enthusiasm for the Program.

Compliance was assured through a combined program of self-evaluation and auditing.

  • Program auditing materials were efficiently "piggy-backed" with the corporate Quality internal auditors.

  • Soliciting support from upper management is also an important concern of a Records Manager, and helps insure worldwide compliance at the employee level.

I made sure I remained in step with state-of-the-art industry standards.

  • I attended Cohasset's MER Conference (Managing Electronic Records) over several years.

  • I represented the corporation at the annual RIM Forum.

  • I had subscriptions for several industry trade journals - and reviewed them each month.

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