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  Small business or large corportation, you have records that must be managed.
  • Records are a business asset, but can also become a liability.

  • Unmanaged records waste time, labor, storage costs, server space, and valuable real estate.

  • Your ability to make correct decisions should be based upon current and complete information. How confident are you now?

My services can be obtained on a project by project basis.

  • I have many years of experience in the role of Project Lead/Manager.

  • I am familiar with all the leading commerical data systems. I can help implement the best solution into your current network.

  • Let me review the types of records you work with and develop a Records Retention Schedule for you.

  • Make sure you remain in legal compliance. Are you keeping your records for as long as you are required? Do your employees destroy records at will? Do your current practices put your company at risk?

  • I can build for you the internal controls that will ensure proper access, and confidentiality.

Send me an email and let us begin a dialog.