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Waiting for the stage?

This is my story, true. But you may find this tale to be your story too, perhaps the story of every actor. This is a story about the enticing allure of the stage. Have you ever felt it? Do you know the warm glow of the footlights, and the ordered chaos of opening night? When this all began, as I jotted notes to myself in my journal, I never dreamed I would one day be sharing these words with the world at large.

But as one play followed another, each bringing its friendships and its lessons, I came to realize that I was exploring a 'brave new world.' I sailed like a thespian Captain Cook into the unknown seas and began to draft my maps of the territories. In my journey I discovered acting, and stagecraft, and illusions, and I charted them all. And always there came more to discover.

I've met directors, technicians in various specialties, and actors of every stripe. I've known triumphs of performance and personal joys, and I have also endured disappointments, loss and stomach wrenching fear. And my story continues…

I wrote it all down, and it gradually grew into a story rich with variety and texture. The tricks and techniques of an ancient art were being revealed to me, little by little, and over time they blended to form a complex but fascinating world, the world behind the business of make-believe. The World of Theatre. A world I have come to love.

In the pages that follow you will see and hear and learn as I saw, heard and learned. I simply recorded my impressions as faithfully as possible, an eager student. I hope you can imagine yourself walking beside me through this captivating new world. It is said there is no true arrival at one's goal, there is only the journey. We bravely step out to meet our lives and, looking back, the tracks of our passage become the story of our journey.

I invite you to journey with me.


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