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Synopsis of Pride and Prejudice

The Jane Austin novel everyone has heard of, but few have actually read. No songs, no car chases, no gun shots. But this is definitely a visit to a very different world. I played Papa Bennett and watched over my brood: my crazy wife, obsessed with trying to marry off my four beautiful daughters, and Lizzie, my second daughter with an independent spirit who toys with the affections of Mr Darcy. But I begin the chapter sharing how all-encompassing being an actor can be (below). If you want the good roles, you have to be available, and jump from show to show to show when the opportunities knock.

Excerpt from Pride and Prejudice

I feel like I've been in a hermitage, out of touch with the world for a season or two, and suddenly it is summer - halfway through summer, in fact - and I find myself blinking in the sun with time on my hands. I have gotten so used to carefully planning all of my tasks so that I accomplish everything within the limited minutes available to me, that this sudden vacuum of time almost seems like a hole into which I could fall and disappear.

A very comfortable hole, I might add - a lazy, peaceful, delicious hole.

I have not seen a prime time TV show in quite a while. Never seen ER, or Friends, etc., have seen the X-Files only twice, and I only distantly remember Frasier and Star Trek Voyager (re-runs will all be new to me) - but NOW weekday evenings are free again. I can make plans for after work. See a movie. See other people in their plays.


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