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Synopsis of The Sound of Music

I read for the Captain in call-backs - but I won the role of Herr Geller, the Nazi instead. Still, it was a lot of fun being the source of evil in the show and saying Heil Hitler all the time. This was the second production with this company, and I had a lot more fun this time around. Always more to learn in the world of show-biz!

Excerpt from The Sound of Music

This year I was able to make all the early rehearsals, so I learned everyone's name as they learned mine. I also had made up my mind to make the most of this opportunity, and bring my best attitude to it. I also had rapport with the director, Joseph Ribeiro, who played Fagan in last year's production of Oliver!, and who had spent a portion of every show playing backgammon with me (I gave him the backgammon set at the close of the run).

I recognized at least a half dozen people back again from last year's show, and this year I had the Oliver! credential to add to my own resume. The stage manager this year was Laurie Mordyke, who was assistant stage manager last year, and I had done a great deal of backstage work with Laurie last year so, again, I was known coming in to this year's show as a nice guy and a serious worker.

I also kept a humorous journal of the run of the play, typed it up and gave out copies to the cast and crew; and I also wrote the skit that the kids put on at the final cast party, a parody called "The Sound of Mucus", about the Von Trapp children being sent to a health camp in the Austrian Alps where the counselors are very much like Nazi storm-troopers. The whole cast laughed and laughed. It was a sweet way to say goodbye to all.


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