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Synopsis of Auditioning for two television commercials

This was a brand new experience for me; I didn't even have a headshot and scrambled to type up my resume and copy it onto the back of a 8 x 10 glossy photo. I didn't get either of the commercials, but I didn't mind. The experience was rewarding enough.

Excerpt from Auditioning for two television commercials

A few more takes and they liked the read combined with the timing. I was starting to get comfortable. The second commercial was done in one take. Then - thank you, that's all. It was all over within ten minutes. Easy work and great pay for ten minutes. Provided of course that they liked what they see, and not counting the long difficult drive to and fro. I know that I didn't bring a tenth of the warmth and friendliness to my expressions as I had rehearsed them at home. So I added another learning experience to my tool belt, and the next time is sure to be smoother. I would take my time. I would read from the cue cards and concentrate on my expressions, rather than look directly into the camera and waste my attention on remembering the lines with their proper timing, at the cost of fuller facial expressions. I would have a headshot and resume ready to go. I would arrive with plenty of time to relax and center before the shoot


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