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Synopsis of Sabbatical

It's so hard to sit on the sidelines and watch others get the juicy roles, but you have to have some kind of social life, don't you? Be warned: if you really get into acting, your social life will be replaced by a new kind of social life dominated by theater folks, who usually stay up all night and sleep all day. It's a crazy business. Yet - hard to leave alone.

Excerpt from Sabbatical

At the same time, the theatre world continues to flourish, and I have to admit it is sometimes hard to sit on the sidelines while the coach puts in other players. Cabrillo Stage puts on Man of La Mancha in another month. Becky Wilding has been auditioning the last two weekends for Easy Street's latest production, Agatha Christie's Mousetrap. There is the part of the Major, which would be perfect for me - turns out he is really the police inspector in disguise. But I stopped by Becky's place of business to explain that it's nothing personal - I would love to audition for her next play, I said, but I have a puppy to raise, and a wife who needs some attention. I can let this one pass me by.

It's harder when they seek you out, however. R.B. stopped by one evening this week - he played Daddy Warbucks in Annie - and he had a part for me in the new play he is producing. I told him the same as I had told Becky. Then just last night a call was left on my message machine from a producer who was referred to me by Becky Wilding; he had a part in a musical that he hoped I would audition for. I told him the same story.


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